Request additional funds

Important Information for Draw Requests – Returning Borrowers Requesting Additional Funds

If you are a returning borrower who already has an ELOC (documents have been signed and funds disbursed), you do NOT need to complete an entirely new application to request additional funds. Follow these simple instructions:

  • Click the link
  • Log-in as a "Returning User"
  • Click “Draw Request” to proceed with your request for additional funds
  • On the next page, which shows your loan completion date, click “Select”
  • Confirm or edit your personal information as needed
  • After confirming/editing your personal information, enter your “Draw Request Amount” and select the proper “Academic Period” from the drop-down menu
  • Click “Submit” and your draw request will be added to the “Draw Request History” table and you will see a message stating that your request has been processed
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